Bread and Morning Goods


We produce an extensive range of breads and rolls and still manage to use only the finest ingredients from well known and long standing suppliers.Our flour supplier uses only home grown wheat and is the very best quality available.

Our craft bakers have many years of experience with knowledge and skills passed down from their predecessors. They have recently introduced specialty breads and rolls, such as: a Soft Italian Style; Garlic and Tomato; Fruit and Nut; and Six Seeded; alongside the more traditional Split Loaf, Bloomer, Cob and Harvester.

Our range will continue to expand as our craft bakers experiment with new high

We also slice our own bread – this is particularly popular for sandwich makers who want a more quality product to complement a delicious filling. We can supply a range of Hovis, Braces and Kingsmill sliced breads.

For a full list of bread and morning goods we currently produce, or if you have any special requests, please contact us – details can be found on the contact us page.